“As a child, I remember the emotions I felt watching the classic horror films; the fear, the anxiety, the anticipation — my eyes refused to blink. Those things drove me as a writer. Now as a director, I want to return the favor and give something to the fans of the genre that defined my childhood.”


Joshua Brucker was born near Chicago, Illinois and studied history at Eastern Illinois University. He has written four nonfiction books on the subject of religion. He has also penned a short collection of horror stories titled When Darkness ComesHe’s also contributed articles and film reviews for popular websites such as the Atheist Republic, the Danthropology Blog, The Natural Skeptic, The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, and Splats of Blood. Currently, Joshua spends his time writing screenplays and producing short films.

Joshua resides in the suburbs of Chicago.

He’s also co-manager of KYIL FILMS, a production company based out of Chicago, Illinois and Louisville, Kentucky.

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Writer & Producer


Starring Lance Henriksen.



Director, Writer & Producer

Starring Bill Oberst Jr. & Breanna Mayberry.


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This Old House
(Horror, 14 pages)

A young couple purchases an older home with hopes of renovating, unaware that something else still takes residence.

(Horror, 16 pages)

An aging ghost hunter, disgruntled and frustrated with his mediocre success, discovers a disturbing way to bring about the evidence he’s so desperately desired.

The Devil Rides West
(Horror / Western / Thriller, 102 pages)

A sheriff, his deputy, and an English lawman pursue a mysterious serial murderer across the great plains of 19th century America. The closer they come to their murderer, the more they truly realize they’re dealing with something much more sinister – and inhuman.




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