Why I Am An Atheist

As it goes for all atheist authors and bloggers, it is almost a necessity for one to outline their reasoning behind their rejection of religious faith. As publishing for my next book is underway, I want to solidify why I feel the way that I do, mainly to answer any questions that a theist may present in any form of debate. This is also a topic that I’ve rarely discussed with my closest friends and relatives, and while they’ve endured my witty comments and usage of ridiculing memes on Facebook and Twitter perhaps this will help them understand where I come from and what has drawn me toward that conclusion. So, I present to you, the reader, why it is I am a proud, outspoken and often brutally honest atheist.

1. The magnificent universe and all that exists within – Once I fully understood the scale, it became quite clear that we were actually insignificant and that a loving God wouldn’t have designed the universe in such a way, if we were truly in mind. For instance, the universe is facing an end, as well as our sun. Why set a ticking bomb if you plan on intervening before it explodes?

2. The suffering of humanity – It’s incredibly hard to imagine that a loving, caring God watches over his creation and would turn a blind eye on all that takes place in this vile and unkind landscape. This leaves us with two options: this loving God is capable and willing to allow even his most devout followers to suffer and die in horrible and degrading fashions, or these atrocities are a result of a chaotic, unguided species with flexible morality in the absence of a supreme, loving God. The later of the two is far more probable.

3. The evolution of the biosphere – As Christian, Judaic, and Islamic tradition tells, all of life on Earth stems from the creation process which was undertaken by the Abrahamic deity. My position on this isn’t restricted to these three religious doctrines of course, but as they are the most heavily regard in this era it’s easier to object to those assertions. Why has it become so simple? Because biological science as inadvertently exited a creator God from the equation. Some people are much happier thinking this wonderful planet is a result of God’s actions, but the fact of the matter remains: the diversity is founded in evolution. Personally, it is much more amazing to know that life has the ability to grow, change, and develop as it does without a God instructing it to do so – this position coming after understanding the role of evolution, of course. 99% of all known life that has existed on Earth has either perished or evolved, the plan of an all-knowing God? I think not. Also, all that is known of the evolution of man has also thoroughly debunked any claim about our uniqueness in this diverse world. We ourselves are products of evolution, nothing more and nothing less.

4. Deities come and go, rise and fall – From the beginning of recorded history, thousands of gods have dominated the landscape of humanity, almost all have been abandoned or forgotten. If there had been any credible, testable proof of their existence, perhaps they wouldn’t have perished as they had. Deities were an excellent way for the ignorant, under-educated people of yesterday to explain the world where they dwelled, but that sort of thought has exalted. What remains today are the result of those so unwilling to leave their faith behind and accept the knowledge of those to come.

5. Faith itself – I am not, and never have been, willing to accept unverifiable knowledge without reinforcing evidence. Faith exists only when evidence does not. It is a fallacious, intellectually neglectful position to take. It is amazing that many are so willing to abandon all rational inquiry and substitute such with blind acceptance. It all goes back to how the belief in God makes one feel, not whether there is any real reason to rationally believe. This then makes the belief in God subjective, free from a rational defense. It being subjective only makes it even less likely that the believed God may exist in reality.

Though this list may have been short, these five are the supporting pillars of my atheism. It goes much, much deeper, but from these can a much more elaborate discussion take place. I can assume my position isn’t unique and special, most atheist today have found these reasons to be the most profound. Thank you for reading and keep an eye open for my next book – “Improbable: Is There Any Reason To Believe In God?”

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