Official Release – “Improbable: Is There Any Reason To Believe In God?”

My book is officially available for purchase on Amazon. It’s been an amazing journey, and it’s only just beginning. Below you’ll find the back cover description:

Throughout the course of human civilization, individuals have given themselves the duty of committing immoral acts in the name of the Abrahamic deity simply because they have been convinced or convinced themselves he is real and that he has their personal well-being in mind. But do these people have good reason to believe he exists or is indoctrination and the blind eye to blame? This book answers the key questions regarding the improbable existence of the God of Abraham:

  1. Do scientific facts support the idea that mankind is a product of a single supernatural and transcendent being? 
  2. Has biological life on Earth evolved from a single celled organism or was it intelligently designed?
  3. Can neurology, sociology, and psychology answer questions regarding religious experience?
  4. Is the God of Abraham omnibenevolent, portraying and prescribing a moral code one should expect from such an all-loving being? 
  5. Does morality have a spiritual basis or could the foundation have been poured into our species long ago through natural processes? 
  6. Does religious scripture ignore or support the scientific understanding regarding the creation of the cosmos?
  7. Are the foundations of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam of a divine origin or the products of man-made mythos?
  8. Does the historical record reinforce the existence of Jesus and Moses as described in the New and Old Testament? 

Refuting the God of Abraham through science and reason will undoubtedly spark the much needed epoch humanity must reach before we can call ourselves a rationally-mature species. This accomplishment lies in the hands of the undecided, those unwilling to believe but not yet ready to leave their faith behind. Before settling on faith, one must ask themselves a simple question: “Is there good reason to rely on faith, or could more fulfilling answers loom near?”

Thanks to everyone who’s supported this project. You can find the book on Amazon by clicking here. Clicking on the image on the right will also link you to the product page.

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