An Excerpt from “Improbable: Is There Any Reason To Believe In God?”

This particular excerpt comes from the afterword of my book; a bit more personal than other excerpts I’ve published. Enjoy!

“Aside from this realizing that the faith-based beliefs were fallacious in nature, it was actually the beauty of reality that intrigued me the most. While watching internet videos I grew an insatiable hunger for discussions between atheists and creationists not because they attacked the idiocy that is religion, but because the science and archeology behind the atheist’s claims being made were much, much more fascinating than anything our archaic ancestors could have imagined. Religious faith requires its adherents to relinquish their ability to freely question – perhaps the most beautiful aspect to who we are as human beings.

            I am not alone in this understanding and as our species continues to learn and grow we’ve slowly digressed from theology. Though most still believe in God, Jesus, or Allah, many more continue to come out of the theistic closet and assert that they may never know that a god – or any gods – may exist, but one cannot seriously and reasonably believe that a god had any part in creating anything. A belief in God is dwindling just as the evidence for his existence continues to hit dead ends on the road to rational thinking. Most of the people exiting from faith are actually quite young. This may mean that once those young adults have children, those children may feel the same about religious faith – creating a chain of events beginning with ridiculous and implausible assumptions and resulting in a rational and mature society because of one simple aspect: facts.

            My wife and I do not have children, and while I cannot wait to have children of my own, I do fear the day that I will. Not because I feel incompetent or unfit as a potential parent, but in how the imposition of religious faith may rest on them. All that I can do is educate my children, in both skepticism and reason. With such knowledge, I would hope they find themselves on their own, self-decided rational path – if the path is a religious one, so be it. I would find it much more wonderful if they chose to worship God because they were rightly convinced rather follow atheism solely because I do. It will also be a wonderful thing to watch how they may interact with the world around them, as they slowly develop the ability to understand the magnificent beauty it truly is.

            I wrote this book for the fence-rider in order to present the truth as we understand today. Along with most atheists, I can recall a time in which such information would have proved beneficial because having doubt in something – particularly religious teaching – is quite normal, and questioning the veracity of religious faith is a common occurrence. What I’ve found interesting, and something that I hope the readers of this book find for themselves, is that I found an internal comfort with reason, something that remained uneasy when attempting to rest on religious faith. I believe that doubting religious faith is normal because there is a part of all of us that remains unconvinced. To that I say one must embrace such doubt, and follow the path upon which it takes one.

            This journey is far from over for me, and I would hope that the reader of my work also finds themself willing to rise above the social normalcy that is religious faith. Life only comes to us once, and we ought to not waste it as many so willingly do. From that, I promise that an open mind and objective perspective will offer nothing but amazement and wonder but only if one takes the chance to accept such a proposition. God could be one thing or another, and before one decides to inspect their own beliefs, they must first ask them selves what “God” actually means for them. Go where ones inquiry may take them and always remember to never give up until a reasonable answer can be reached.”

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4 thoughts on “An Excerpt from “Improbable: Is There Any Reason To Believe In God?””

  1. I grew up in an environment where “the social normalcy” was atheism. I come from a little different background and I see a few reasons to believe in God and question the veracity of atheism. I discussed this in 4 posts that I made about my experiences with religion and atheism, if you are interested in a point of view that is different from yours.

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