Does God Exist?

In this blog, I want to answer a few questions involving the existence of God. When discussing this topic openly with theists in an honest and respectful way, I’ve found these to be the most common. As broad as the debate can vary, I’ll keep it concise and clear.

Can you disprove God?

It is very important to define what we mean by “god” when we ask that question. When it comes to theistic gods, history can help us find their roots. If we find where the beliefs originated and how the first believers understood the god or gods they worshiped, it is safe to say these gods are probably nothing more than man-made myths; thus, leaving us with no reason to believe they actually exist.

As far as a deistic god, it becomes difficult. Since naturalism helps us understand how the universe works, many previously unanswered questions have been rationally answered. A deistic god seems improbable, but we truly don’t know whether or not it exists.

Who created the universe?

Physicists and cosmologists understand that the universe had a beginning. Logically, we’re to assume there was a cause of the universe. In fact, this is the focal point of the Kalam Cosmological Argument. The KCA goes as such:

1. Everything that begins to exist has a cause.
2. The universe began to exist.
3. Therefore, the universe has a cause.

After that, apologists go on to claim God is the only logical cause. To us, this may make sense. But we have to understand that the universe doesn’t act logically. Logic is an adapted trait we’ve inherited through evolution. This means that logic alone won’t definitively demonstrate the creation of the cosmos. This is why theoretical physicists are constantly positing different ideas; they’ve been forced to think illogically. Also, we don’t know what exists outside the universe; and because we don’t know, we shouldn’t pretend to know.

How do you explain consciousness?

It’s been suggested that humans have souls, which make us who we are as people. By that, I mean our interests, our preferences – things along those lines. Neuroscience tells us these are functions of the brain. When we have a fully functional brain, consciousness arises. As expected, when a portion of the brain is disabled, a number of things can happen; a part of our personality can change, we lose feeling of limbs, we lose sight, smell, and taste, etc. If we do have metaphysical “souls,” then we must ask, “Why would damages to the brain disrupt the function of a supernatural/metaphysical soul?” For me, it’s more reasonable to believe consciousness is entirely natural and can be proven scientifically.

How do we have morality?

Morality is an important evolutionary trait. If we lacked empathy, our species would’ve perished long ago. Social species need to coexist in order to pass along genetic information; they wouldn’t be able to if they constantly tried to kill one another. So, we have the basic tendencies born into us for doing good by one another. Theists would like you to believe in objective morality, dictated by their version of god. Personally, I’m on the side of subjective morality because moral perspectives vary from culture to culture. Aside from this, it often comes down to situational examples. For instance, if I had to kill one person to save all of humanity, I would for the greater good, but I wouldn’t kill someone for the hell of it. Purely subjective.

Doesn’t life seem designed?

It’s believed that the complexity of life is so intricate that it necessitates a designer. They say, “Look at how perfect the human body works. It had to have been designed to work so flawlessly.” Well, I’m hesitant to agree. I believe it’s all based on perspective. Of course we would feel as though it was designed, we are operating organisms with self-awareness. Scientists understand DNA, evolution, and have ideas about how life arose. Theists always say, “How do you go from non-life to life? It can’t happen!” Well, we are comprised of the same elements found in “non-life” objects, so essentially, animate and inanimate objects are on an equal plain. No evidence suggests DNA was manipulated or seeded by a supernatural force. Most are quick to posit a creator god without understanding the counter evidence against their position.

I hope I did a thorough job explaining my arguments. Please feel free to comment, whether you agree or disagree. Thanks!

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