My New Podcast – “From An Atheist Among You”

Hello everyone!

So I decided to throw together a quick introduction episode, less than a minute long. Have a listen!


#1 – Introduction

“This being the first episode, I want to explain a bit about the primary focus of this podcast. I wish to provide audio versions of my secular writings for those who don’t have the time to sit and read lengthy entries. Over the next few days, I’ll work to produce a more friendly podcast for potential listeners.”

Podcast – From An Atheist Among You

3 thoughts on “My New Podcast – “From An Atheist Among You””

  1. Hi I am KrisT with Arms of Audio, thought you might be interested in viewing a debate we are hosting between an Atheist and a Calvinist on Sunday. To avoid this going to your spam folder I am writing the website for you to check out and tune in 🙂 wwwdotarmsofaudiodotcom 🙂

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