Faith: The Most Absurd and Perverse Idea Ever Conceived

“Faith imprisons the mind, hindering its fullest potential. It forces its victims to accept information blindly, without hesitation. We have the ability to be skeptical, to ask for good evidence, but faith convinces us, conveniently, that good evidence not only isn’t necessary, but it should be abandoned immediately. Are we not better than this? Can we not speak louder than an ancient thought process that has held so many minds captive? I believe we are and we can do so in an effective way. Many have walked away from faith in hopes of finding clarity where it wasn’t once promised. Evaluating and restructuring our beliefs in an evidence-based manner brings about the clarity many seek. Faith is in direct violation of this, making it one of the most absurd and perverse ideas ever conceived by mankind.”

Read more at Atheist Republic.

Podcast episode can be found here.

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