Announcing the “Global Secular Council”

Today, the Secular Coalition for America announced the start of the Global Secular Council, headed by Edwina Rogers of the SCA. The primary focus of the organization is to provide any necessary information to non-theistic and secular communities world-wide, promoting secularism and non-theism among government bodies. The formalization of this global think-tank will shine light on new ideas that may further the success of secularism globally.

Currently, the organization is comprised of experts and communicators. Experts include Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, Peter Boghossian, Jerry Coyne, Sam Harris, Dan Dennett, Stephen Law, Michael Shermer, and many other notable thinkers in the secular movement. Communicators include Seth Andrews, AronRa, Doug Berger, Paul Krassner, and myself. Each of us will focus on specific aspects of the secular movement; my primary focus is humanism.

I’m very happy to be part of the Global Secular Council and I look forward to working with these individuals to help develop a better tomorrow.


“Global Secular Council” – SCA Press Release

The Global Secular Council Website

J. D. Brucker – Communicator, Humanism Expert

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