5 Major Reasons Why Creationists are Dead Wrong

“Young Earth Creationists are dead wrong, no matter how much they would like you to think the contrary. Their misunderstandings of science speak heavily toward their ignorance of the natural world, as well as their reluctance to accept new and revised information. God is and will always be their go-to answer for most questions, but science has refuted (quite effectively) the idea that God created this planet, universe, and inanimate and animate objects less than 10,000 years ago. With index fingers plunged deep into their ear canals, they continue to believe only to maintain their faith in God; standing as a testament to the fact that faith makes you believe and say silly and outlandish things. Not only do they believe their religious beliefs to be true, they’re often vocal about it. Out of all their silly beliefs, these five reasons effectively demonstrate why the Creationist is dead wrong.”

Read more at Atheist Republic.

4 thoughts on “5 Major Reasons Why Creationists are Dead Wrong”

    1. Of course, but don’t expect everyone to know that. For the same reason why lots write on this subject, some may have never read the arguments against their position before. Information readily available is key.

      1. You are very right! The fact that Bill Nye and Ken Ham drew such a crowd and the immense amount of press tells that tale! I will NEVER understand the fad following crowd mentality, reality TV watching superfluous sheep thinking prevalent in most human beings! I pride myself in analyzing everything and applying skeptical thinking to things that I am told.

  1. Don’t think christians are ignorent of Science. New world creatism really is a psuedo science. I wouldn’t even call it a science…more like an obstinate response to questions that some christians have no clue how to answer. It’s getting more and more ridicules. As for science…I know that, and I’m a Christian. On the other hand…alot of atheist put a “blind faith” into science without having a clue what science is. A shift in society from the worship of a holy god to those of academia. Knowlege is knowing a tomatoe is a fruit…Wisdom is not using tomatoes in fruit salad. The Bible is biographical. Young world creationist place the birth of Adam at 4000 B.C., isn’t it stange that at the same period was the biginning of the Urik period, the beginning of urbanization, the begining of public agriculture, the beginning of writing, the end of the neolithic period, and time of the copper-bronze age for that area? the copper age was the beginning of publi agriculture because of the improvent of planting tools. Wasn’t Adams punishment for eating the forbidden fruit was to “toil the land?” If God had to reestablish his sovereignty over man after the fall, wouldn’t he have to begin with the beginnings of civilization instead of stone age people? There is a difference in bible between topical and chronological time. The first mention of chronological time is with adam after he is out of the garden of eden, but is that a date from his exit from the garden of eden or the start of his sentence to “toil the land?”

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