A Few Announcements

Hey everyone. Just wanted to update everyone on a few things.

  • I’m going to limit my time spent producing From An Atheist Among You. I wanted to release a podcast every Tuesday and had hopes to develop the podcast into something more. But due to time constraints, I’m afraid to say that won’t happen for some time. It’s not going away entirely; It’ll still act as a companion to my blog writing. Thanks for the support, everyone.
  • I’ve had a few emails concerning the interviews for the July episodes for my podcast. To those who have emailed, with that being discontinued, I’ll attempt to not leave you high and dry.
  • My next book is underway! As more information comes, I’ll be sure to pass it along.
  • Within the next few weeks I’ll be on two different podcasts. First I’ll be on Intellectual Saviors at the end of this month, then in July I’ll be on Quranify Me. Looking forward to appearing on both of these wonderful podcasts.

Thanks for your support!

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