Reclaim Your Independence

My second RDFRS original piece, “Reclaim Your Independence” –

“We are born into this world without any knowledge of the past, present, and future. Our abilities are small in number, but our potential is vast. We have the ability to solve complex issues, come together during times of crisis, and develop complicated models that help us understand the origin of the universe. We have the ability to study evidence and to think reasonably and objectively. We possess in us the power of love ourselves and those around us, no matter what race, gender, or sexual nature, and the capabilities to express it in ways that were before unimaginable. We have the knowledge to reasonably understand the reality in which we live and with that we can see the beauty in our seemingly mundane and pointless lives. We can find the hope in humanity and harness our thinking faculties in order to bring about a more prosperous society. To me, these things make being human a unique and wonderful thing. Religion, on the other hand, threatens these very things by instilling in us unjust and irrational presumptions and fears; this very reason being why I find religion to be such a horrid force.”

Read the rest at Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science!

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