Responding to “Ancient Alien” Supporters

Recently, I commented on a post shared on Facebook by the “Ancient Aliens” television show page. As I expected, my comment brought a number of responses from those within the “Ancient Astronaut” community. I responded to a few, but after I realized a good number of responses took place, I decided to take to my blog and offer up my answers here. Some are worth while, some aren’t; but I feel since I brought to them my objection, it’s my responsibility to offer a response. So, let’s dive right in.

It began with this post (disregard the amateurishness of the screen-shots) :



So the stone dish in question was reportedly found with Sumerian writing. From what I gather, most AA supporters feel that proto-sumerian writing was given to us or at least inspired by the presence of extraterrestrials long, long ago. So, to them that idea may make sense because here we find similar writing forms shared by people thousands of miles apart. I feel they are jumping to conclusions a bit.

  1. How do you support the idea of alien intervention, apart from the mystery this artifact presents?
  2. Is it possible these two cultures developed a similar writing form without alien intervention?
  3. If aliens bothered visiting, why didn’t they introduce these ideas to the early Chinese, Africans, or North American Indians?

Anyways, I will deviate a bit and jump right into my responses, which began like this:



So, here you can see I began to respond as I naturally would. I would go into a bit more detail but since I responded and wasn’t approach again by either of these two individuals, I’ll carry on to the next bunch of people.



Well, to be honest I am an atheist. I find no evidence for God or for the divinity of Jesus Christ; the same as I find no credible evidence suggesting that aliens have visited this planet. Not really sure what you’re getting at but thanks for assuming that I’m Christian!

And seven people “liked” that post.




Well, I’m having some trouble responding only because the grammar makes it difficult for me to understand what you’re objecting to (or if you even have an objection at all). You seem a bit sarcastic at the end of your post but I could be wrong, right? So I’m not going to make any assumptions (as we should about ALL things) and leave this comment be.



Care to support your claim that “mainstream archaeologists and scientists have now accepted that the Egyptian Pyramids may well have been power factories”? I studied ancient history in college (particularly a few courses on early Mesopotamia) and I don’t recall this being proposed. And if that was some how true, how did you go from that to “aliens helped do it”? And I don’t understand why you included an Ebola reference. I don’t want to get into that with you.




What a reasonable person.



It was once believed the world was flat? Not entirely the case but sure, I guess.

A third set of DNA that is within us? Don’t we typically only have one set of DNA? What are the other two, if you don’t mind me asking? Can you provide me some more information on this topic?

And it’s yet to be found in the “fossil history records?” Okay. Still, bring me credible information.

But I believe my demand for peer-reviewed data is justified, since “scientists” and “archaeologists” claim these things to be true. It was true, their work would’ve been published in a peer-reviewed journal. It’s that simple.

If universities and private companies fail to fund research such as that, you can’t automatically assume they’re doing it for those reasons. You’re crying wolf when the wolf may not exist.

And the failed scientific endeavors does not equal evidence for your claim. I’m sorry, but it simply doesn’t.



Immaculate conceptions equals in vitro? Well, in vitro means an egg was fertilized “in glass” as the name suggests (in glass); nothing “immaculate” about that. Not sure why you included that.

Did I ever suggest aliens don’t exist? No I didn’t. I’m merely skeptical they’ve visited Earth, both in the past and presently.

“Other races exist and they have been here.” What the hell does that even mean? Elaborate please.


If any of you wish to contact me, visit my “contact” page so we can have a proper discussion.

Well, there it is. Have a great weekend!



4 thoughts on “Responding to “Ancient Alien” Supporters”

  1. I believe the Ancient Alien theory is possible, because we can’t be the only planet out there with life. Did we have ancient aliens here? Well how did those huge stones get moved anyway? I mean the HUGE ones that were left in the ground? I’m open minded, and yes I do believe in one or more creator’s of life on earth, on other planets too. I also believe in reincarnation, and meditating to clear my Chakras. My son-in-law is athirst too, but he’s a nice guy, I have no beef with atheists.

    1. Well what evidence do you have to suggest aliens helped other than the claim, “We couldn’t have done it without them?” If it’s a baseless claim, there’s no other option but to reject the idea.

      I believe lifeforms on other planets exist but I’m skeptical they’ve visited Earth.

      What has convinced you reincarnation is a real thing? People who believe in reincarnation fascinate me, for the obvious reason.

      1. Well did you ever see the she THE GHOST INSIDE MY CHILD on LMN? That’s a good place to start. I’ve read many stories of past lives too. I also think that we are attracted to things by what happened to us in a past life. For instance, some other nationalities feel “familiar” to me. That Deja-Vous feeling isn’t random to us.

      2. I also think that some of the alien life may be living IN the earth, underground and they’ve been there for thousands of years.

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