Improbable: Is There Any Reason to Believe in God?

My friend Matthew O’Neil recently reviewed “Improbable” and shared his thoughts on his website.



Several months ago, when I had secured publication for my book “You Say That I Am“, I searched for other authors having published with the same group as I.  One of them was a new author named J. D. Brucker.  And, interestingly enough, he reached out to me first after I started following him on Twitter.  It was shortly after we found each other on Facebook and became well acquainted.  He posted a review of my book on his blog and I felt it is due time I return the favor.  Mostly because I think his book deserved more than the short summary I offered, but also because he, as well as several other authors through Dangerous Little Books, deserve some exposure.

In Improbable: Is There Any Reason to Believe in God, J. D. Brucker becomes a man who wears many hats.  Proving that you don’t…

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