Important Information Regarding ‘Improbable’

‘Improbable’ was released in 2013 by the small publishing company Dangerous Little Books (DLB). Recently, DLB was acquired by ReThink Press. Since the company will soon be under new ownership, DLB authors were given the option to walk away from their previous contracts and keep the rights of their book. Some have, some have not. I have chosen to reclaim my book and publish independently through another avenue. At this time, I feel this is my best option. It gives me the opportunity to expand on portions I wish to, correct errors found post-publishing, and it gives me 100% supervision over throughout the entire process.

Since this is the case, ‘Improbable’ will become temporarily unavailable after November 7, 2014. Until then, I will work to develop the second edition. Since it is much less time-consuming, the Kindle version will be available sooner than the paperback.

Thank you everyone for your support and continue fighting the good fight!

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