‘One for the Road’ – Short Film Coming Late 2017

Since I haven't issued a post for quite a while, I want to send out an update regarding what I'm currently working on. Recently, I signed a "Dollar Baby" deal with Stephen King, giving me the permission to adapt one of his short stories to film! I thought I'd announce this as I recently heard … Continue reading ‘One for the Road’ – Short Film Coming Late 2017

Featured on ‘Unbuckling the Bible Belt’

In the newest episode, Unbuckling the Bible Belt recently featured my work on a new segment highlighting atheist writers and journalists. I suggest you take a listen, follow their blog and podcast, and contribute if you can. Great group of guys taking the fight to the religious where it needs to be: In the southern … Continue reading Featured on ‘Unbuckling the Bible Belt’

Atheist Republic Google Hangout Appearance

This morning I joined a few other team members of Atheist Republic to discuss God Needs To Go and my experience as an author. They're a truly talented bunch of individuals. Check out their work below. Atheist Republic Google Hangout Appearance - Video Atheist Republic Bloggers - Your God Is Too Small Armin Navabi - Why There Is No God … Continue reading Atheist Republic Google Hangout Appearance