Improbable: Issues with the God Hypothesis

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Synopsis“Does God exist?” – This question has plagued humanity since its beginning. From the primitive to the sophisticated, human kind has worshipped gods of every shape, gender, size, and creed. One god, however, reigns supreme: The God of Abraham. Giving birth to the three most prevalent monotheistic religions existing today, Yahweh has dominated the theological landscape. A recent intellectual movement has taken place, however, challenging the religious status quo. This movement has given many the right to approach the God hypothesis with skepticism. Improbable: Issues with the God Hypothesis critically examines the claims made by the religious, determining whether a belief in Yahweh is actually as reasonable as long believed.

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Praise for Improbable: Issues with the God Hypothesis:

From Joshua Kelly, author of Oh Your God!: The Evil Idea That Is Religion:

“Brucker is doing something wonderful — continuing the logical argument debunking the idea of god or the supernatural. It may well be said that on the atheist side of the argument, we are specialized in two factions: logic and morality. While I and several others heatedly discuss the lack of virtue innate in faith, Mr. Brucker has joined the ranks of those who calmly but decisively cut down the incoherence of the idea of god with Occam’s deadly Razor and many other tools. Too many facets of this argument require specific and purposeful observation, and Brucker has done a great deal of the work for anyone who chooses to pick it up — splendidly, I might add.”

From Matthew O’Neil, author of You Say That I Am: Jesus and the Messianic Problem:

“Brucker has put together a piece I would have been desperate to have as a newly deconverted atheist. I am more than inclined to agree with Kelly’s review, but add that Brucker is more than a Victor Stenger in the making. Brucker tackles more than cosmology – he touches on evolution, theology, and history all in short, concise chapters that are a pleasure to read and easy to follow and digest. I could only imagine Brucker fuming during Hovind or Ken Ham or Ray Comfort sound bites; in return, writing this scathing rebuttal to nonsensical questions about the origin of our solar system, our planet, our species, and even our own race [yes, this question has come up in these debates]. Brucker has well informed arguments that do not fall victim to fallacies appealing to emotion, groupthink, or authority. They are well reasoned with examples and studies, as well as references to thorough studies for further reading. If you are someone new to having lost your faith and want to prepare yourself for the conversations you will face by having understandable facts in hand, this is the book you need to read.”

From Kevin Steward, owner of the website Atheism & Secular Debate:

“Although the book runs into only about 170 pages, it packs in a surprising amount of information, and an extensive list of further reading suggestions. Let’s not beat around the bush. It annihilates religion. It is simply not possible to read this book and remain in any doubt…J. D. gives ownership of the entire Universe to us within the pages of this book, and covers the subject matter much more than adequately. We don’t need gods to explain our existence, to have morals or to give us purpose…Recommended reading both for seasoned atheists and those sitting on the fence. I’d like to recommend it to the religious too, but I suspect the message would be lost on them.”

From Armin Navabi, founder of the website Atheist Republic and author of Why There Is No God:Simple Responses to 20 Common Arguments for the Existence of God:

“Improbable is a book that seeks to challenge its readers’ concepts of religion, faith, and the monotheistic conventions they may have blindly accepted in the past. Thankfully, it does so with class, panache, straight talk, and scientifically based supporting evidence to back up its points. Brucker tackles the toughest concepts that many of us wrestle with in making the decision on how we’re going to look at faith going forward in our lives. Discussed are intelligent design (or lack thereof), moral implications, and the alternative explanations for our universe. While Brucker is respectful in his approach and doesn’t lambaste the faithful as idiots, he also doesn’t skirt the issue or qualify his suppositions. This straightforward style makes the book feel honest. Regardless of your starting point, Brucker’s insights are unarguably thought-provoking and worth consideration for both the religious and nonreligious, but would be better swallowed by someone already on the path to non-faith.”

From Joey Lee Kirkman, author of Bedtime Bible Stories – Explicit!:

“This book will help young people obtain the verbiage they need when they are confronted by the onslaught of religious people trying to lure them into their cults. It’s written intelligently but doesn’t force dummies like me to break out the dictionary every 5 minutes. I really appreciate that in an atheist writer.”