‘When Darkness Comes’ – Full Synopsis

When Darkness Comes has been given a full synopsis. The tentative release is scheduled for mid-January 2016. Find the full synopsis below. ‘When Darkness Comes’ is a collection of short horror stories meant to drive terror into the hearts of readers. From the macabre to the grotesque, J. D. Brucker presents original and gut-wrenching tales tailored… Read More ‘When Darkness Comes’ – Full Synopsis

“Facing Oblivion” – Now Available!

My latest, Facing Oblivion, is available for purchase! You can find the book here in eBook format: Kindle In paperback, you can pick up the book here: Amazon The synopsis reads: “Life is an amazing thing, filled with happiness, optimism, sadness and pain. Theists have said atheists are incapable of experiencing the beauty of life because… Read More “Facing Oblivion” – Now Available!

“Reason over Faith: Antitheism & the Case against Religion” – Updates

Reason over Faith: Antitheism & the Case against Religion is edited and awaiting release! Stay tuned for more information. The synopsis goes as such: Many contend religion is, in its entirety, tolerant and stands as a force for good. Millions of human beings worship a god and follow the doctrine of their chosen faith, never considering how… Read More “Reason over Faith: Antitheism & the Case against Religion” – Updates