Sample Chapter

Below, J. D. Brucker has included a sample chapter from God Needs To Go: Why Christian Beliefs Fail

I. Introduction

Beginning in the early first century of the Common Era, an enticing and incredible presumption has been maintained by the greater majority of theistic adherents. It is the belief in the formal existence of the spiritual Jesus Christ and his everlasting father. From birth, individuals are told that their existence on Earth bares a single purpose; to follow an invisible being with the utmost respect and gratitude. His love and acceptance gives them strength and comfort at a level they believe to be unobtainable by others. He silently watches over them from an invisible perch, guiding metaphysically through their own actions and influencing them by presenting daunting situations that test their abilities as an individual. A life in the name of Jesus will eventually culminate in heaven where the essence of God will surround them. There is only one problem with this assertion: It simply isn’t true.

Christianity can systematically destroy any sense of rational thinking that an individual may possess. A Christian’s level of understanding has been thwarted by the injection of those unfounded claims, which is rooted in tribal beliefs. When presented with evidence to the contrary, their initial response is to cast reason aside and proclaim that faith will always surpass anything that science can prove. It is up to the believer what type of reasonable understandings they will allow to circumvent his or her belief in an omnipotent and omnipresent God. The passageway for such a detachment within the individual will, and will always, remain narrow so much so that a level of intellectualism will forever be unobtainable. They will continue with these beliefs with the utmost conviction until they allow themselves to think freely.

Science and reason have inadvertently done a sufficient job of removing the necessity to believe that all matter, living and intimate, are a created product of an all-knowing being. History has painted a vivid tale of deception, greed, anger, hate mongering, death, torture, bigotry, misogyny, war, racism, and stupidity, all originating from a central point: Christianity. Thousands upon thousands have been killed in the name of God, and millions have had the true nature of our wonderful universe struck away from them by their reserved outlook. At their core, they are as atheistic as I, but as you slowly rise to the surface and explore every facet of their faith, it demonstrates the power of what one single idea can invoke inside the mind of the believer.

This belief was founded on invalid assumptions made by those who were unable to obtain the knowledge needed to understand the world in which they dwelled. Life was as mysterious as it was complicated, and an answer for those troubling questions is something we strive for even today. We want to believe we have a purpose on Earth; that our limited time on this planet is meant to be something more fruitful than what it may ultimately seem. The majestic nature of our existence has birthed a consciousness capable of self-creating this ancestral thirst for the truth. There is nothing wrong with attaching a motive for life to your presence, but it is when an individual settles with this flawed idea that they are stifling themselves from what it genuinely means to know the truth.

The truth exists all around us, as even our everyday lives bare all the evidence of how a world without a God would appear. It is up to the Christian to decide whether these are elements of reality or an accurate portrayal of a twisted system created by an all-powerful God. If we want to completely transform into a progressive civilization (intellectually, scientifically and socially), the necessity to carry on with the belief in God must be stricken from our collective judgment. Today in America, Christianity has caused an anti-advancing movement that will only produce a single outcome: a complete demurral in the direction that we ought to be heading in. Let me clarify by stating that this does not directly refer to our entirety in America, but within the hearts and minds of the believing individual, as that is where the solution exists. A change within them must take place before the more extensive issues can be laid to rest.

Once they free themselves from the progression-inhibitor that Christianity has planted, they’ll finally experience what it means to be intelligently inclined. The absence of faith will produce a level of knowledge that can open the doors to a much more fascinating life than what Christianity has watered-down and structuralized. Their liberation from the strangle hold that has been imposed on the culture and society is key to our advancement into a future without the presence of an intellectually suicidal culture. Our very being is a testament to the integrity that is within us, but by believing in a 2000 year old dead Jewish middle-eastern that silently and vaguely watches over us will only tarnish the stage we are setting in place for those of the future. Though our society has been slowly digressing from the belief in God, a complete transformation from faith to reason must take place before we can socially evolve from infancy into rational maturity. God needs to go, and be forever gone.


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