The Late Shift
(Horror, 9 pages)

In a rural area of South Carolina, a late-shift emergency room physician treats a young man who was seemingly attacked by a wild animal. As the night grows later, he finds that all may not be well with this mysterious patient.

This Old House
(Horror, 14 pages)

A young couple purchases an older home with hopes of renovating, unaware that something else still takes residence.

(Horror, 17 pages)

An aging ghost hunter, disgruntled and frustrated with his mediocre success, discovers a disturbing way to bring about the evidence he’s so desperately desired.

The Devil Rides West
(Horror / Western / Thriller, 102 pages)

A sheriff, his deputy, and an English lawman pursue a mysterious serial murderer across the great plains of 19th century America. The closer they come to their murderer, the more they truly realize they’re dealing with something much more sinister – and inhuman.

Among the Oregon Pine
(Drama, 91 pages)

Tormented by her community, a young teenager must learn to cope with the fact that her father was an infamous serial murderer.

(Horror, Feature Length)
In Development

A large, unknown creature stalks the forest of Whipsaw Valley, located on the west coast of Washington State. A mother and father disappear, leaving their son in shambles. A decade passes and a team of cryptid hunters visits Whipsaw Valley, hoping to uncover evidence of this creature’s existence.

Forgive Them Not
(Crime / Drama, Feature Length)
In Development

A string of brutal, but seemingly unrelated homicides sends two detectives on a path into darkness; a world of torture, murder, and corruption. The deeper they dig, the darker the secrets become.