“Facing Oblivion” – Now Available!

My latest, Facing Oblivion, is available for purchase! You can find the book here in eBook format: Kindle In paperback, you can pick up the book here: Amazon The synopsis reads: "Life is an amazing thing, filled with happiness, optimism, sadness and pain. Theists have said atheists are incapable of experiencing the beauty of life because … Continue reading “Facing Oblivion” – Now Available!

Announcing “Reason over Faith: Antitheism & the Case against Religion” – Coming Soon

Coming soon, my book Reason over Faith: Antitheism & the Case against Religion is on the home stretch. I'm happy to publish again with Atheist Republic, great group of guys and gals! The book will also include, which I'm very excited about, a foreword by the awesome Joey Lee Kirkman. More info to come!

Atheist Republic Google Hangout Appearance

This morning I joined a few other team members of Atheist Republic to discuss God Needs To Go and my experience as an author. They're a truly talented bunch of individuals. Check out their work below. Atheist Republic Google Hangout Appearance - Video Atheist Republic Bloggers - Your God Is Too Small Armin Navabi - Why There Is No God … Continue reading Atheist Republic Google Hangout Appearance