Atheist Republic Google Hangout Appearance

This morning I joined a few other team members of Atheist Republic to discuss God Needs To Go and my experience as an author. They’re a truly talented bunch of individuals. Check out their work below.

Atheist Republic Google Hangout Appearance – Video

Atheist Republic Bloggers – Your God Is Too Small

Armin Navabi – Why There Is No God

Casper RigsbyThe Bible in a Nutshell

Michael Leamy – The Atheist Bible

Author Matthew O’Neil reviews ‘God Needs To Go’

Matthew O’Neil (author of You Say That I Am: Jesus and the Messianic Problemhad this to say about God Needs To Go: Why Christian Beliefs Fail:

“Excellence in a short, easily-digestible book touching on theology, science, and the naturalism of human existence. Brucker takes complex subjects, applies them in lay terms, and even offers a bit of a memoir to offer his own insight and experience into the equation. Certainly not the “objective” evidence, but he equates it to other studies and areas of focus that offer credibility to his personal circumstances.

This also appears to include work from his other book (also very worth the read!), but many newer topics included. If you want a short introduction into the world of atheism and arguments against supernatural claims, this is a must-read!”

You can find God Needs To Go: Why Christian Beliefs Fail at

The Five Worst Christians of 2014

“I like to make lists. If you’re a frequent reader of my work, you’ll understand. Most often, I enjoy making lists of beneficial and informational things. But sometimes I make lists of bad things; I mean really, really, really bad things. This list embodies that notion. For those atheists living amongst the most ignorant and hateful, yet self-professed as loving, Christians, this will either make your blood boil or drop your jaw in awe.”

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Five YouTube Channels Every Atheist Should Know

“A few weeks ago, Atheist Republic published an article in which I discussed five well-known, and not so well-known, podcasts available for the freethinker. In this blog, I want to present five YouTube Channels that may best fulfill that need for atheist media. Podcasts are great if you’re on-the-go, but if you have time to sit, relax and enjoy some relevant discussion, these YouTube channels will be right up your alley.”

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‘God Needs To Go: Why Christian Beliefs Fail’ – Coming soon!

10675598_10152430027557331_160644793908563299_nIn December of 2012, I self-published my first book. It did fairly well, achieving the #4 eBook spot in the atheism category on Amazon, just behind Hitchens and Dawkins. In 2013, while ‘Improbable’ was in the publishing process, I sidelined the book with the hopes I’d return, rework the content, and republish.

Well, I’m happy to announce Atheist Republic will republish ‘God Needs To Go: Why Christian Beliefs Fail’ – coming soon! As more information surfaces, I’ll be quick to update you! Thanks for the support, everyone.


Five Podcasts Every Atheist Should Know

“Over a year ago, NatSkep published an article in which I outlined my top 5 atheist podcasts. Since, a number of podcasts have surfaced, bringing with them a wealth of entertainment and information most will surely find comforting, enjoyable, and sobering. This being the case, I feel that it’s important to revisit this topic and revise my previous selections; some may seem familiar, others may not. From a wide range of topics and guest interviews, the atheist will find these podcasts relevant, keeping updated on the latest news and topics from the atheist community. For the theist, who may be looking to better educate themselves regarding atheism and the God debate, look no further. In a world dominated by theistic dogma, these fresh voices of reason offer listeners a pleasant and welcoming picture into a world most of the population is unaware exists. In no particular order, I want to present five that are sure to promise all that I’ve written. So let’s dig right in, shall we?”

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