Featured on ‘Unbuckling the Bible Belt’

In the newest episode, Unbuckling the Bible Belt recently featured my work on a new segment highlighting atheist writers and journalists. I suggest you take a listen, follow their blog and podcast, and contribute if you can. Great group of guys taking the fight to the religious where it needs to be: In the southern states of the United States.



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‘Improbable’ and ‘God Needs To Go’ Now available on Apple Devices

Improbable: Issues with the God Hypothesis and God Needs To Go: Why Christian Beliefs Fail are now available on iBooks for Apple users! Find the links below for purchasing.

Improbable: Issues with the God Hypothesis

God Needs To Go: Why Christian Beliefs Fail

Atheist Republic Google Hangout Appearance

This morning I joined a few other team members of Atheist Republic to discuss God Needs To Go and my experience as an author. They’re a truly talented bunch of individuals. Check out their work below.

Atheist Republic Google Hangout Appearance – Video

Atheist Republic Bloggers – Your God Is Too Small

Armin Navabi – Why There Is No God

Casper RigsbyThe Bible in a Nutshell

Michael Leamy – The Atheist Bible

Hemant Mehta shares a chapter from ‘God Needs To Go’

Hemant Mehta shared a chapter from God Needs To Go: Why Christian Beliefs Fail on his Patheos page! He began by saying:

J. D. Brucker has written a short-but-powerful e-book called God Needs To Go: Why Christian Beliefs Fail.”

Check out the post here!

The Five Worst Christians of 2014

“I like to make lists. If you’re a frequent reader of my work, you’ll understand. Most often, I enjoy making lists of beneficial and informational things. But sometimes I make lists of bad things; I mean really, really, really bad things. This list embodies that notion. For those atheists living amongst the most ignorant and hateful, yet self-professed as loving, Christians, this will either make your blood boil or drop your jaw in awe.”

Continue reading at Atheist Republic

‘Improbable: Issues with the God Hypothesis’ – Nook eBook

Hey everyone!

‘Improbable: Issues with the God Hypothesis’ is now available on Nook devices for $0.99! Please find the link the below helpful.

‘Improbable: Issues with the God Hypothesis’ – Nook eBook

Have a wonderful New Year everyone!

‘God Needs To Go: Why Christian Beliefs Fail’ – Coming soon!

10675598_10152430027557331_160644793908563299_nIn December of 2012, I self-published my first book. It did fairly well, achieving the #4 eBook spot in the atheism category on Amazon, just behind Hitchens and Dawkins. In 2013, while ‘Improbable’ was in the publishing process, I sidelined the book with the hopes I’d return, rework the content, and republish.

Well, I’m happy to announce Atheist Republic will republish ‘God Needs To Go: Why Christian Beliefs Fail’ – coming soon! As more information surfaces, I’ll be quick to update you! Thanks for the support, everyone.