In the Name of Christ: A Short Travel into Christianity’s Bloody Past, Part 2

In my previous post, I briefly detailed the murder of Hypatia and the Christian crusades of the Middle East, all done for what appears now to be nothing but senseless reasoning. And that wasn’t the end of the terror found at the bloody end of the Catholic sword of death. More

Forum Debate!

Hello everyone.

I will be taking part in a 2 hour moderated forum debate, arguing for the proposition:

“This house believes that the Christian god almost certainly doesn’t exist.”

Hosting the debate will be the forum AtheismAndSecularDebate. Taking place on January 9th, 2014, I will be joining ElijiahT (Christian apologist with a background in biology and philosophy) as we discuss the probability of the Christian god’s existence. I’ve read some of his work from his blog – it’s well written and concise. He seems to have an interest in science so I’m interested in how this debate will unfold. My book primarily argues against a literal interpretation of scripture (I also believe that, if one chooses to be a particular theist, a literal interpretation is necessary to understanding the commandments of an omniscient god – but I’ll get into that later!) and from what I’ve gathered, he doesn’t seem to follow such a belief (but who does anyways, right?). Regardless of our positions, it should prove interesting none the less. He seems eager for discussion and in my experience, those willing tend to contribute positively to the conversation.

The debate can be found here. The debate begins at 6:30 pm US Central time.

ElijiahT can be found on Twitter and you can also follow his blog here.