Is God Worthy of Worship?

Throughout my younger years, I became quite familiar with the Bible. Well, let me correct myself, the fuzzy, lovely parts my teachers wished me to be familiar with. As a child, I wasn’t as eager to read as I am today, so as a result, I read the required texts. More times than not, these texts reflected the poetry, parables, and the life of Jesus – you know, all the “Christiany” stuff. Luckily for me, I often questioned God’s existence, which went much deeper than what’s written in the Bible. I was a skeptical child, and even at 13 I knew I needed evidence to justify any belief. But before I veer too far off course, let me bring this back.

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Does God Exist?

In this blog, I want to answer a few questions involving the existence of God. When discussing this topic openly with theists in an honest and respectful way, I’ve found these to be the most common. As broad as the debate can vary, I’ll keep it concise and clear.

Can you disprove God?

It is very important to define what we mean by “god” when we ask that question. When it comes to theistic gods, history can help us find their roots. If we find where the beliefs originated and how the first believers understood the god or gods they worshiped, it is safe to say these gods are probably nothing more than man-made myths; thus, leaving us with no reason to believe they actually exist.

As far as a deistic god, it becomes difficult. Since naturalism helps us understand how the universe works, many previously unanswered questions have been rationally answered. A deistic god seems improbable, but we truly don’t know whether or not it exists.

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