Production of “THE LATE SHIFT” set to start in November

“The Late Shift begins in November,” producers of the film say.

To aid in the production of the film, the film’s producers, Joshua Brucker and Kate Riffe, will start a crowdfunding platform through Indiegogo in order to raise funds.

The film, which stars veteran horror actor Bill Oberst Jr., also stars Breanna Mayberry, Jamila Webb, and Jessica Tomasko.

“We’re entirely thrilled to work with such talented individuals,” Brucker said. “It’s exciting to envision the final product. The Late Shift was a short little script that’s taken many forms throughout the years. It started as a short story I wrote around 2016, then it became my first screenplay. I’ve tinkered with it on and off since and we’re really all digging what we have.”

The Late Shift follows Beth, a night-shift nurse tasked with babysitting a quiet and near-empty patient wing. All is calm until a mysterious patient is brought it, exhibiting a high fever and sporting terrible wounds. His condition stabilizes and all returns to normal. But Beth is new to the late shift and she eventually closes her heavy eyes and accidentally drifts asleep. When she wakes up, however, not all is as calm and safe as it once was. Her new patient, she finds, harbors a dangerous and deadly secret that could cost Beth her life.

“It’s a fun script with tremendous tension and dread,” Brucker said of the story. “I wanted to present a very tense creature feature as a first-time director. I’ve always held a special place in my heart for monster movies. It probably all stems from my childhood fascination with films like Tremors and Critters. While some of my favorite monster flicks have a bit of a campy flare to them, I want to take The Late Shift in a different direction and focus less on the monster and more of the struggle our protagonist faces. Does she run for help? Or does she do what she’s called to do; to keep her patients safe from all forms of danger?”

The cast is set and production begins in Chicago once the crowdfunding campaign is successful.

Contributors of the Indiegogo campaign can expect perks such as access to view the film before the festival run, official posters, production stills, digital and tangible copies of the shooting script, film t-shirts, official film props, Blu-ray and DVD copies of the film, and producer credits. The perks are separated by the amount donated, ranging from $5 to $1000.

The campaign is set to launch mid to late August and expected to run no longer than 60 days.

“Kate Riffe and I are stoked to put this out there,” said Brucker. “With Bill Oberst Jr. on board, we’re very confident in our vision. We will deliver an exciting and intense horror short, reminiscent of the classics that frightened us as children.”

The Indiegogo campaign pre-launch page can be found at: