Production of “THE LATE SHIFT” set to start in November

"The Late Shift begins in November," producers of the film say. To aid in the production of the film, the film’s producers, Joshua Brucker and Kate Riffe, will start a crowdfunding platform through Indiegogo in order to raise funds. The film, which stars veteran horror actor Bill Oberst Jr., also stars Breanna Mayberry, Jamila Webb, and … Continue reading Production of “THE LATE SHIFT” set to start in November

‘When Darkness Comes’ – Full Synopsis

When Darkness Comes has been given a full synopsis. The tentative release is scheduled for mid-January 2016. Find the full synopsis below. ‘When Darkness Comes’ is a collection of short horror stories meant to drive terror into the hearts of readers. From the macabre to the grotesque, J. D. Brucker presents original and gut-wrenching tales tailored … Continue reading ‘When Darkness Comes’ – Full Synopsis