‘You Say That I Am: Jesus and the Messianic Problem’ by Matthew O’Neil

downloadAuthor Matthew O’Neil delivers a look into the past of Christianity with You Say That I Am: Jesus and the Messianic Problem. Thousands and thousands of denominations of Christianity exist globally, all with a different idea of Christ and what it means to be a Christian. All aspects of Christ’s life are discussed within the pages of this phenomenal book; from the origin of Christianity to the veracity of the current Gospels. The book is a compelling case for the existence of a man named Jesus and a case against a divine demigod. I’ve read the works of Carrier and Price, but after reading O’Neil’s book, I certainly believe it is time to revisit my position.

I’ve gotten to know O’Neil over the past few months and can attest to his sincerity and conviction. While he and I may not see eye-to-eye on the existence of Jesus, he certainly gives me the knowledge I need to question whether or not I am correct. Though I still may not feel as though enough evidence supports the claim of a living proselytizer, O’Neil gives comfort to those who do. Some within the atheist community do feel that if they accept that Christ actually lived, they’ve lost the argument against Christianity; O’Neil not only lends credence to the existence of Christ, he decimates the claim of divinity.

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