Five Podcasts Every Atheist Should Know

“Over a year ago, NatSkep published an article in which I outlined my top 5 atheist podcasts. Since, a number of podcasts have surfaced, bringing with them a wealth of entertainment and information most will surely find comforting, enjoyable, and sobering. This being the case, I feel that it’s important to revisit this topic and revise my previous selections; some may seem familiar, others may not. From a wide range of topics and guest interviews, the atheist will find these podcasts relevant, keeping updated on the latest news and topics from the atheist community. For the theist, who may be looking to better educate themselves regarding atheism and the God debate, look no further. In a world dominated by theistic dogma, these fresh voices of reason offer listeners a pleasant and welcoming picture into a world most of the population is unaware exists. In no particular order, I want to present five that are sure to promise all that I’ve written. So let’s dig right in, shall we?”

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